Sunday, December 6, 2009

Call for Participation


We're inviting locals to perform on the world stage at the opening of Ice Gate at Richmond’s City Hall, and The Sechelt Torch Relay, February, 2010. Below, our audition schedule. Performance for Ice Gate.

Saturday, September 12th St. Mary’s Church in Gibsons 1 -3 and Sunday, September 20th, Seaside Center, Sechelt.

Summer’s over and it went out with a bang at the Higgeldy Piggledy Parade in Roberts Creek. The entire community came out in full regalia. Here’s Katherine Denham, a dancer/pilates instructor/mum. She was the first to help us get organized for Performance for Ice Gate. Thank you, Katherine!

That’s Duane Burnett, who has been helping us get the word out about Performance for Ice Gate on Facebook. Guess what, he’s going to be one of the dancers.

We’ve been meeting with the choreographers, listening to the music track, making changes, planning for our first meeting with the community, the CALL FOR PARTICIPATION. Here’s our group of choreographers:

Brittany Robertson, Shelley Harrison-Rae (coordinator), Gord Halloran, Jean Pierre Makosso, Gerardo Avila, Maggie Guzzi. Sign up here as a follower and we'll notify you every time we post.

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