Sunday, December 6, 2009


We had a reprieve in the weather; now it feels like spring. The cat has ventured outdoors.

Kevin Griffin interviewed Gord for an upcoming article in the Vancouver Sun. And,the location for Ice Gate has been confirmed! Gord met with Alexander Renowitzky(on Gord's right in this photo),

an architect at Doug Jensen and Associates where they looked over a maquette of City Hall and sorted it all out. Here’s the site, barebones, looking bleak and wintry.

And, brightened enormously.

Here's another angle:

Now back to the engineers and landscape architects with this design. We’re working on the dance performance behind-the-scenes, more on that soon! Also Jaz is creating a poster. We want to invite the Governor General.

A blue heron visited a few times, looking for the fish to emerge from their muddy winter beds at the bottom of the pond. I open the door to scare him away, and he lifts his prehistoric wings and flaps them slowly, gracefully, through the air. The Gibsons Recreation Centre celebrated its first year of existence and extended use of the rink through April. Only 3 more weeks of hockey until the fall.

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