Sunday, December 6, 2009


Gord has been doing the necessary solving of the many unanswered questions, and it has been a glorious spring. Late and hot. Outdoors, baking heat-wave sun, lighting every little branch and leaf as the garden thickens with eager plants and expands its generosity with flowers. The crows scream their rude, throaty calls. Birds chirp symphonies across the branches and the cat went missing for a day only to be found in the basement.

Phone calls, emails, meetings. Trips to the city, to Horseshoe Bay. Gord met Adrian between plane flights, Art on his layover. J.C. on his day off. Lighting has been simplified. Scaffolding, has a decision been made? Lampposts must be removed from the walkway. The plates, moved to another location.

One day Tim and his dad Mick delivered the compressor and Gord set about to do more experiments with the surface of the plates. The posters were delivered, cards and labels ordered. We invited the Governor General to the opening. Ari had his break-in production meeting, Erik confirmed. We worked on grants for Performance for Ice Gate.

The budget is being wrestled down.

Every day is a search for the weak link. I never hear about it until it's been solved.

He's been going around the block on the r-value, the design, the fabrication of the glass for the enclosure.

Things are falling into place.

Yesterday, The Vancouver Sun finally published that article, and the SCRD gave The Ice Painting Project Society $1,000 towards Performance for Ice Gate.

Gord's ball hockey team won in their division (Males, Over 35) at The Official Canadian Street Hockey Tournament June 13th & 14th. Here they are: From left, Mark Safioles, Anthony Steeles, Graham Benjafield, Stephen Devlin, Gord Halloran George Watson, goalie.

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