Sunday, December 6, 2009


Each precious day brings us closer.

Tuesday we went into the city to meet Patrick Lam, Chief Structural Engineer of CWMM Consulting Engineers. Judith Reeve had set up the meeting with the Principal of this company whose offices are in Vancouver, Kelowna and China. Their offices, kitty corner from The Wicked Cafe had a wonderful collection of hanging files, (blueprints & plans) and I couldn't help but snap a shot.

Patrick rolled up his sleeves and we discussed the structural properties of the enclosure which would house the ice paintings and painting sculptures.

How strong does it need to be, what kind of materials should it be made of? Weight loads, the R-value of the materials (measurement of insulation), what shape would hold up best against the wind and sun. In other words, how SKOOKUM can we make it and how can we make it Skookum? After all the drawings and plans and ideas, it was great to be in the company of someone who knows all the questions to ask.

It was Judith's birthday, and Donna's, a day after Emily's.

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