Sunday, December 6, 2009


With the site confirmed, we've been able to charge ahead. Gord's been into the city a few more times, meeting with JC about building the structure to house the paintings. Budgets and schedules. Materials, estimates. It goes on.

Tim's adventures in New Zealand end soon, he'll be home just in time to pick up the reins and tell us all about scuba diving with the jelly fish.

Erik Olson had a show in January & February called ASSEMBLAGES at Summit Fine Arts in Calgary, where his works are contemplation on "increasingly complicated architecture of a surging human population."

Jaz has taken on Art Directorship of one cool word, a very hip magazine in Vancouver produced by Tracy Steffanucci with a wide readership of very creative people in music, fiction, poetry, photography. Meanwhile, more experiments, I never know what to expect. Here's looking down on the back porch:

We have found someone who is working on the dance opening event Performance for Ice Gate Katrina Samuda has become the reason we're able to fundraise for this event. She's also very generous with flowers. Here are some from her garden on Gord's birthday.

Here's the info I've been promising:

The Ice Painting Project Society announces an exciting community project for Sunshine Coast residents interested in participating in an Olympic activity. The project, called Performance for Ice Gate will involve local choreographers and residents who wish to participate in the opening celebrations for the unveiling of Ice Gate at Richmond City Hall in February, 2010.

Halloran’s Ice Gate will officially open the Olympic celebrations in the city of Richmond on a date yet to be determined between February 7- 9th, 2010.

Performance for Ice Gate will feature the original work of several Sunshine Coast and Richmond choreographers and dancers, working with Halloran around the themes of ice and snow, of melting and freezing. Each piece of choreography will be seamlessly integrated into a whole dance, lasting up to 5 minutes, and involving up to 150 local residents. Local choreographers and movement artists who have signed up so far are: Sylvain Brochu, Gerardo Avila and Maggi Guzzi.

Gordon Halloran is volunteering his time as Artistic Director; Caitlin Hicks volunteers as Project Manager.

A call for dancers will be issued to the community later in the year, inviting people of all ages and backgrounds to try out. Auditions will be held, with choreographers choosing the dancers for their particular choreography.

For more information about the overall project, or to get involved as part of the creative team, contact Caitlin Hicks (604)886-3634, or email

For information about how to get involved as a sponsor or a volunteer, contact Project Coordinator, Katrina Samuda, by phone at (604)886-2729, or email

And now for hockey news:

As the Canuks play their way into the Stanley Cup Finals, Brett is the first male in his family to have made it to his 65th birthday alive (in a few generations, I hear). On the Day, Jake rented the rink for a scrimmage. We played hockey on either side of our squash matches in the first ever team squash tourney at the rec center. Afterwards we met Denise Leung - a very peppy gal who has been volunteering to volunteer since we last met her.

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